Qualdul Trainers

The aim of the Quadultrainers Project was:

  • to increase the recognition, the social prestige and the attractiveness of the adults trainers profession by proposing – through a multi-stakeholder research and consensus-building process – a European Qualification Prototype for adult trainers.

The objectives of the Quadultrainers Project was:

  • to mobilise professional associations to collect their views on the existing qualification and competence framework;
  • to draw a picture of what is already in place in each member country.
  • to build – through an open dialogue among stakeholders – a European definition of the professional area, using EQF as reference point.
  • to propose a framework of national and international associations.
  • to consider the feasibility of an associative technical coordination mechanism to guarantee European qualifications for adult trainers.

The deliverables of the Quadultrainers Project were:

  • Quadultrainers MetaCommunity;
  • Competence Framework;
  • European Qualification Prototype and methodological guidelines for Expert Adult Trainer and Adult Learning Professional.

Project Partners:

  • Applicant: Dutch Institute for Banking Insurance & Investment – NIBE-SVV (Netherlands)
  • Project Coordinator: EBTN
  • Methodological Coordinator: SCIENTER (Italy)
  • Febelfin Academy (Belgium)
  • The Portuguese Bank Training Institute (Portugal)
  • Berlin School of Economics and Law – BSEL (Germany)
  • Associazione Italiana Formatori – AIF (Italy)

Kindly contact EBTN Secretariat ([email protected]) for further inquiries

or visit www.quadultrainers.eu for more information.